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Businesses & Groups on this web site are for Newfoundlanders & Labradorians who grew up in the province (more of their early years lived in Newfoundland & Labrador then any other province or country) or have very strong ties - ties that bind (ex. both parents grew up in the province). If you are unsure about adding your business or group, please give me a call (bus:613-830-9999 or cell: 613-864-4442) or e-mail (

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Thank you for seeing the potential for all involved in this Newfoundland & Labrador Business Directory. I am more then happy to add your business or group to this website.

Please provide me with the information you feel is applicable. You can e-mail (, fax (613-830-9137), or give me a call (bus:613-830-9999 or cell: 613-864-4442) when complete or if you have any questions.

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