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Atlantic Voices
“The Newfoundland & Labrador Choir of Ottawa”
The repertoire consists mainly of Newfoundland,
Maritime and Celtic songs and music.
Visit: for all the info –
concert times, tickets, CD’s, membership . . .

Corkery Road
Experience traditional Irish, Scottish & Newfoundland
music. These four talented musicians play a wide variety
of instruments, yet are heavy on the vocals.
Check them out by going to:

The Fumblin Fingers
Enjoy lively east coast favorites as well as celtic,
jigs and reels. Roots are with the ‘Atlantic Voices’.
Visit: and see what ‘tis
all about – events, tickets, CD’s . . .

The Labrador Society of Ottawa
Was formed in 1991 by a group of ex-patriot Labradorians
and Friends from the Ottawa area who get together several
times a year, to have fun, and raise money to give to Labrador
charitable causes, mostly in the fields of Arts and Education.
Visit: to find out more!

The Newfoundland Society of Ottawa
Promoting the development of a network of Newfoundlanders
living in Ottawa by providing members the opportunity to foster
friendships through the participation in charitable fundraisers &
“social events that promote the Newfoundland culture”.
Visit: for more info!

Note: Many e-mails were not included due to 'spam' concerns. Please send us your feedback regarding the businesses &/or the directory.

"Why and How"

We were looking for a good way to get in touch with Newfoundlanders and felt other Newfoundlanders in the area, with or without a business, were in the same boat. There is obviously a common bond between the boys (and girls) from the rock. Wouldn't a website be a great benefit to everyone – both for the businesses and those looking for some ‘down home’ service?
We felt that we were in a good position to put together such a directory with little or no cost to all involved. This meant that it didn’t matter if the businesses were small, large, just starting or have been around for awhile; they all could get involved. There wouldn't be any cost to us because our small investment of time and money would be more than offset with a few calls for real estate services - and besides, we would enjoy doing it.
There is great potential here. We have several Newfoundlanders we can contact. Every business would know a few people, with or without a business, that would like to get involved. They in turn may know other Newfoundlanders. There is no downside here! One big family of Newfoundlanders working with and for Newfoundlanders, expecting and receiving dependable ‘down home’ service.

Note: There are also many non-Newfoundlanders that would appreciate knowing about this website.